The joy of collecting diecast toy cars as a new hobby

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The joy of collecting diecast toy carsG

Getting into a new hobby is perhaps proof that some of us never seem to grow up. We retain a real joy from looking at the world around us, this easily extends to collecting toy cars. Adults might start a hobby that involves collecting toys because they are popular with kids – some people start collecting toy cars because they have a child or grandchild who shares the hobby. Whatever the reason, collecting diecast cars will help you feel to help you to feel young and will endear children to you.

It is a cliche that collecting diecast cars is man’s hobby; just as many women like to collect toy cars and toy diecast collectables

So what sort of diecast toys do people like to collect? Older people tend to collect cars and trucks. I’m not sure why, when there is so much choice available.

This is why antique metal cars are desirable and some very old cars become quite valuable.

Older brands like Matchbox, Corgi and Dinky have always been popular, so large are brands like Tonka. It’s not just cars that are popular with adults and kids alike – bulldozes and farm vehicles also very popular.

Whatever type of diecast cars you collect you can guarantee your children or grandchildren will love to play with them. Perhaps the reason you want to collect diecast cars is because they remind you of the cars you saw in your childhood, or because you’re trying to entertain your children. Collecting toy cars is a rewarding hobby that is always throwing up new things to find out about. Like a lot of exciting hobbies, when collecting diecast cars it is good idea to keep your eyes open for interesting things when at car boot sales, in junk shops or at charity auctions.

Here at Diecast Cat we find our cars in many different places, a lot of the sources might surprise you! We work hard to find interesting cars; sure our diecast cars aren’t always the prettiest, but they are always interesting and have a story behind them.

Please let us know which diecast cars are your favourites.

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