Where to buy diecast cars?
You can buy new diecast cars in many online stores, including the very large store that was named after a large river. There is also a large online auction where you can bid on collectable diecast cars that are not brand new. We recommend Diecast Cat (of course we do!).

But the world of diecast cars is about more than what’s available on the Internet. If you keeps your eyes peeled you’ll be amazed at the places diecast collectables of all types start to pop up!

How to display diecast cars?
This is eternal debate. If your diecast car is collectable and / or valuable should it be on display at all? We think it should. Unless your diecast collectable is super-super valuable we also think that it should be played with. So therefore perhaps the best place to display diecast cars is upside down on a carpet in your house, surrounded by toys and other items of delight. If that documentary ‘Toy Story’ taught us anything it’s that toys like to be played with, and need the company of other toys.

What diecast cars are worth money?
All diecast cars are worth ‘some’ money, even if it is only a few pennies. Some collectable diecast cars are worth a whole wodge of money. Figuring out which cars are worth money is a big challenge. There’s a very big online auction site you may have heard of where people sell diecast models and toys that they believe are particularly valuable. Our recommendation is to search for completed and sold items, because some of the prices for items currently for sale (so unsold!) can be a bit optimistic.